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All-American Oiled Trio Muscle Bash

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Actors: Bruce Hill, Eduardo, Trenton Comeaux
Directors: Daddy Zeus
Keywords: 2 on 1 wrestling, bare feet, big dicks, blow jobs, body worship, bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, cumshots, cute boys, gay wrestling, gym studs, hairy men, jacking off, jocks, latin / hispanic, lycra, mat wrestling, muscle men, oil wrestling, pro wrestling, spandex, submission wrestling
Length: 00:53:27
Recorded: 4 years and 2 months ago
In the blockbuster tradition of Two-On-One Tormented Trio (Paul Perris, Nikoli Bakov, Matt Logan), All American Oiled Trio Muscle Bash delivers brutal two-on-one torment to all three American musclehunks Eduardo, Trenton Comeaux, and Bruce Hill. This isn`t pro-wrestling. This is slow, sexy, sweaty, sensuous, cock stroking, studhunk submission SEX wrestling. First geared out in crotch-harnessed red (Bruce), white (Eduardo), and blue (Trenton) second-skin tights, Bruce and Trenton gang up on sun bronzed, hairy chested musclegod Eduardo. Helpless and struggling, Eduardo gets double grabbed, groped, beaten, pounded, chewed, slapped, spanked, kissed, bitten, arched, stretched, subdued, and humiliated. Then in signature white and blue bikinis, Eduardo and Trenton team up on red-bikinied Bruce...switching off as one restrains him while the other punishes him. Alliances change again and Trenton suffers the payback beating he`d given both Eduardo and Bruce. To this point All American Oiled Trio Muscle Bash is already a three "WOOF" meatbeater when dominant stud Eduardo decides it`s time for some muscle butt fuckin`. Beaten down, oiled up, bare-assed, and doggy positioned....Bruce and Trenton surrender their ass holes to Eduardo`s butt rammin`, pile drivin`, power plowin` meat cannon. Over and under, in and out, upside down, side ways, new ways, rock hard and relentless, switching assholes, Eduardo repenetrates... Bruce screams...Trenton moans...and you lose control when they blast off three gushers in a row for our 1st amendment rights. All American Oiled Trio Muscle Bash delivers three killer hot musclehunks, endless two-on-one muscle bashing, and a three-way muscle butt fuck-n-cum scene that will leave your balls dry and your cock still standing at attention. If not already, will become your favorite new colors.

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