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Body Worship 47

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Actors: Chris Cameron, Justin Wells, Mike Roberts
Directors: BG
Keywords: blow jobs, body worship, bodybuilders, cumshots, jacking off, muscle posing
Length: 00:44:14
Recorded: 3 years and 11 months ago
It is a rare thing when BG is able to get his most popular pair of performers to agree to appear in the same production and be worshipped by one guy. So when gay for pay guys, Chris and Mike, agreed to be worshipped by gay Justin Wells there were two individuals who were jumping for joy: BG of course as well as Justin. To say that Justin has his hands and mouth full in this production is an understatement. In order to extract some sense of order from the production BG told Justin to concentrate on one guy at a time and then, at various points along the way, BG would let him do both in one scene. This worked out nicely for all concerned. Mike and Cameron have muscle groups that are particularly hot and erotic and that is where BG concentrated Justin and the camera. Mike's pecs were extensively worshipped, so were Cameron's. Justin concentrated closely on Cameron's huge arms, as well as Mike’s. He also worshipped Chris Cameron's thighs. He showed no preference to their cocks, chowing down on both with his mouth with eagerness. 3 cumshots end the video.
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