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Ny Nuts Bro: Andrews vs Cooper

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Actors: Austin Cooper, Ethan "Axel" Andrews
Directors: Cameron Matthews
Keywords: bodybuilder wrestling, crotch grabbing, leather, lycra, mat wrestling, pro wrestling
Length: 00:20:22
Recorded: 10 months and 2 weeks ago
Grinning Ethan Axel Andrews stretches to the rumble of a revving bike outside. Enter Austin Cooper, fully dressed and clearly not ready to rumble himself. Thinking he’s the wrestling world’s answer to Chris Pratt, and like the asshat he is, Cooper pretty much ignores Andrews’ attempts at conversation, and his frustration at the noise of Cooper’s revving bike outside.
Judging Andrews by his fresh and friendly face is always a mistake, which Andrews proves for the umpteenth time by going to town on Cooper’s balls, squeezing, groping, twisting, tormenting, plowing, ripping, punching, kneeing, kicking, squashing, stomping, and just about tearing them off. 
When ball abuse gets boring, Andrews turns the heat onto Cooper’s ass, unleashing a series of spanks, stretches, and spreads that has Cooper on his toes and under Andrews’ control, until the final, pathetic carryout that sees a supposed man’s man being treated like the royal bitch he is by the most deliciously unassuming of miscreants, every-man Ethan.
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