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Sexy Mat Fight 3: Esko vs Jobe

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Actors: Esko, Jobe Zander
Directors: Ron Sexton
Keywords: bare feet, bodybuilder wrestling, bodybuilders, crotch grabbing, lycra, mat wrestling, spandex
Categories: Gay Wrestling
Length: 00:40:33
Recorded: 2 weeks and 2 days ago
Sexy Mat Fight 3 features Esko up against Jobe Zander.

Esko is 23 years old, 5'9" tall and weighs in at 170 pounds. Brown eyes and black hair complete Esko's hot muscled physique. Wearing a tight yellow Speedo accentuates the impressive tribal tattoo work on his shoulders.

Resident ass kicker and crotch slayer Jobe Zander sports his own impressive centerpiece and hits the mat as cocky as ever.

Esko's got some attitude which only motivates Zander to take him to school... which Zander does. A combination leg scissor / ankle lock slowly drains Esko who refuses Zander's demands to tap out or just quit... "Fuck You!" - wrong answer!

Zander lands a series of body blows as he straddles the young muscled stud pinning his arms to his sides. Ab punches, pec claws and ball grabs slowly drain the cockiness out of the muscleboy. Try as he might he is just no competition for Zander who pretty much has his way as he applies a tight side body scissor then lands a series of body blows to continue softening up the pretty boy who suffers beautifully for the cameras.

Esko's "centerpiece" grows from the constant attention Zander delivers to it. The yellow Speedo gets an intense workout too - being yanked, pulled, tugged, and jacked up Esko's rear showing off his hot muscled ass.

Jobe goes in for the kill lifting Esko up and positioning him for a full nelson choke... but what's this??? Esko mule kicks Zander putting him down on the mat holding his own "centerpiece" and Esko's cockiness return... Esko demands Zander say "mercy" which he refuses to do... Ekso has some heel in him and it's HOT! Going from leg scissor to arm scissor while using his toes to tweak Zander's nipple has Zander in the rare position of suffering.

Returning some of the same punishment that was used on him, Esko pins Zander to the mat straddling his torso and pinning his arms to his sides as he lays in body blows, ab shots, pec claws and smack talks close into Jobe's ear... Fucking HOT! But it is always a major mistake to underestimate Zander... as he manages to take back control to teach the young musclestud a lesson. When all else fails... go for the crotch. Zander lands a series of low blows taking all the steam out of the pretty boy's sails... then off the lala land with a tight devastating sleeper.

Beautiful... just beautiful!
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